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Tattoo-Me Jagua Kits!!
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We make jagua kits, sun henna kits & other body art products available to people of all ages for fun use. Jagua & Henna are used as a traditional form of body painting. This body art form has been used for centuries in their respective countries. Henna is from hot dry places from Morocco to India; while Jagua is used in warm wet areas of the Amazon of South America.
On this site you will find a variety of body art products for temporary tattoos, for hair, and many other useful items & tools: henna stencils, fresh sun henna powder and pure essential oils for your henna applications. We also provide here a virtual catalog for wholesale accounts.
Check out the facts page to read about historical and scientific information on henna. Do you want to learn more about henna? Take our henna class.
We are dedicated to make your henna experience the most enjoyable.
Should you have any questions on how, what, where, and when to apply henna, please refer to our Ask.a.Henna.Artist!, Usage and Forum. All other questions regarding orders can be directed to our customer care.
But most of all, we want you to have some fun with Tattoo-Me Henna products, so check out once in a while our contest, and participate to win great prizes! And to your request, we added more fun stuff in our henna designs gallery.

Tattoo-Me Team


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