Tribal henna tattoo on arm
Henna tattoos come in such a wide variety of henna designs and patterns. The most revered kind of henna designs these past several years are the TRIBAL henna designs. Many folks love to get henna tattoos in the tribal designs they see in permanent tattoos. A tribal henna tattoo is […]

tribal head henna tattoo
Head henna is not so easy because the henna design must be well balanced over the entire scalp.  many chemo patients love to wear henna on their head.

tribal design lower back henna tattoo
Lower back henna tattoo

tribal back henna tattoo 7
a back henna tattoo is a summertime, beach time thing.

surfer girl henna tattoo on belly
funky henna tattoos are those henna tattoos that are just too funky to wear. generally fitting none of the other categories, these are too funky for my…

vine and leaves helix henna tattoo going down arm
Floral henna tattoos are the best and the easiest to draw. Flowers, leaves and vines are the main designs of nature. so it is only natural that they wed so well with human skin and body. any flower can be fit to any part of the body, any vine can […]

sun belly button henna tattoo
Belly henna is always favoured by teenage girls and pregnant women. some opt for a small round shaped henna design like a sun or a flower, while pregnant ladies love to have large flower pregnant henna belly designs covering the entire pregnant womb. it is a tradition for women to […]

moroccan bracelet henna
Wrists are wonderful spots for bracelet henna tattoos. the henna colour is strong around the wrists due to the high blood activity in that area of the human body. bracelet henna is a delicacy every henna and mehndi aficionado will appreciate.

henna anklets and henna feet with flowers and vines
Henna feet is the application of henna on each foot for beauty purposes. however in how dry areas of the world, natives dip their hands and feet in henna without doing intricate henna designs. they do this in order to keep their hands and feet cold from the heat of […]

horses arm band henna tattoo

sun hand henna tattoo
Henna is traditionally drawn on hands because that’s where the colour is the strongest. Every culture that has used and still uses henna for celebrations always put henna on hands. Henna is delicate and hands wear it so beautifully. Hand henna is not so easy to draw because of how […]