tattoo-me stamps


Tattoo-Me Stamps are ART STAMPS to draw impeccable temporary tattoos every time. They are your helpers to being a pro at drawing.

These can also be used with Henna Jagua & are superb tools for parents who want to teach drawing and filling to their little ones. Can be used also on paper or any surface using coloured pencils, felt pens or even paint.



Tattoo-Me Stamps are art stamps designed to help you draw with henna, jagua, or felt pen in a fast, easy and perfect way. Simply place the Tattoo-Me Stamp of your choice in an ink pad (not in package), then apply it to the desired area. Then fill in the outline of the design with your henna paste, jagua gel, or felt pen.

Each Tattoo-Me Stamps pack comes with 10 stamps plus 3 extra little ones (leaf, line-swirl, 3-leaves) for composing full on designs. watch our youtube video to see how Tattoo-Me Stamps work.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 9 cm

Celestial (céleste), Flora & Fauna (Flore et Faune), Tribal, Celtic, Symbols 1, Symbols 2, Animals 1 (Animaux 1), Animals 2 (Animaux 2), Traditional 1 (Traditionnel 1), Traditional 2 (Traditional 2), Armbands (Brassards), Zodiac, All 12 Packs


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