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Tattoo-Me Jagua Kits have all the necessary tools to make your very own black temporary tattoos. With our detailed instructions, it is as easy as 1-2-3.
Jagua Genipa Americana (pronounced Hagua) is a rainforest fruit that stains the skin with its blue-black color for 8-15 days on average, very much like Henna does.




Achieve Black Temporary Tattoos with the Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit

Jagua (pronounced Hagua) is a rainforest fruit Genipa Americana that stains the skin with its black/blue color for 10-15 days on average.

Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 30 contains an Applicator with 3 metal tips 30ml, Jagua Gel(Genipa Americana) 30ml, 3 stencils, After-Care Instructions, 28 sample designs. Can do 20+ small temporary jagua tattoos.

Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 15 contains an applicator with plastic dispensing tip, Jagua Gel (Genipa Americana) 15ml, 2 stencils, 18 sample designs. Can do 10+ small temporary jagua tattoos.



Atteignez des tatouages temporaires NOIRS avec les kits Tattoo-Me Jagua
Jagua (prononcé Hagua) est un fruit de la forêt tropicale appelé Genipa Americana qui tache la peau de sa couleur bleu / noire pendant 10-15 jours en moyenne.

Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 30 contient un applicateur avec 3 pointes en métal, Jagua Gel (Genipa Americana) 30ml, 3 pochoirs, instructions après-soins, 28 modèles d’échantillons. Peut faire plus de 20 petits tatouages jagua temporaires

Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 15 contient un applicateur avec 1 pointe de distribution en plastique, Jagua Gel (Genipa Americana) 15ml, 2 stencils, 18 modèles d’échantillons. Peut faire 10+ petits tatouages temporaires de jagua.

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Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 15, Tattoo-Me Jagua Kit 30


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