Tattoo-Me offers a unique form of Nano Marketing featuring temporary body art—specifically henna and jagua tattoos (both natural temporary forms of body art) using only designs inspired by your logo and brand name.  Our artists can tattoo and average of 25 people per hour—25 people that are now walking, talking billboards showcasing your brand name for the next 2 weeks.

Camel kissing a hennaed hand
Mira Sorvino
Kyle MacLachlan

Henna and Jagua temporary tattoos are hot trends in personal body art.  They’re artsy, sexy, funky, cool and most of all, FUN!  Henna, rooted in Moroccan tradition, is made with natural ingredients from the Henna plant, staining the skin dark brown; while Jagua tattoos, made from the Amazonian fruit of the same name stains the skin in black, both are drawn freehand with the help of stamps to get professional perfect designs.

william h. macy


There are 2 kinds of sponsorship: Our artists can come to your locations and events or you can be a sponsor for events that we attend—some drawing upwards of 50,000 people per day. Some of our previous sponsors include EXPN at the X Games, Nissan at AVP Tour, IKEA for store openings, as well as NikeTown events, Nike Play summer events, Redbull, Footlocker Cross Country Championships. We help raise funds in many non-profit & charity events such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Cedar Sinai.  Henna and Jagua temporary body art attract a wide range of event-goers of all ages and walks of life. Our work creates an ambience where curiosity is awakened, which in turn crowds the sponsor’s display area.

We are happy to customize a plan to suit your needs and would love the opportunity to welcome you as a new sponsor. You may read more about our sponsorship opportunities at https://tattoo-me.com/sponsor/

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For further information please contact us at (424) 777-8124 or at events@tattoo-me.com